GumChucks ORTHOgami:

Revolutionary Ortho Flossing

The flexible hook on one end of the disposable flossing tips allows you to safely and very quickly position the floss under the arch wire and between brackets for effective flossing. No more threading, struggling or time-consuming contortions!

The unique two-handle system increases dexterity and control allowing you to make the dentist recommended “C” shape with the floss, making it easier and faster to floss effectively.

“Having struggled to use Platypus on every tooth that my braces are attached to I was delighted to find that I can use the Ortho Gum Chuck with every tooth and the floss didn’t fray! Fantastic product. I will show it to my Orthodontist at my next appointment.”
Debbie, England
“As a Periodontist, I have instructed patients how to properly floss countless times. It is really challenging for most patients to achieve the proper c-shape necessary for effective plaque removal. Patients find it tedious, time consuming, and just don’t do it. I often describe to my patients that they need to literally “hug” their teeth everyday. Imagine my surprise when I used GumChucks for the first time. My teeth never felt cleaner! The educator was educated. Gumchucks have put the fun back in flossing! Have you hugged your teeth today?”
Dr. Karen Wager-Zadeh, Periodontist
“ORTHOgami – This is genius! Why didn’t I think of this? “
Steven DDS, NJ
“After spending a fortune on my daughter’s teeth and braces, it drove me crazy that she wouldn’t floss. The ORTHOgami is awesome – she flosses and I don’t have to beg, yell and threaten. She even asked for a second set for her locker! “
Kim, KS
“GumChucks are the BEST, new at home dental product since the electric toothbrush! “
Dr. Mike Tornow, NM
“Love the orthogami. We are making these part of our treatment plan. No more excuses. “
Mark, FL
“Flossing a patient with braces takes forever – these really speed up treatment time! So easy to use. “
Cindi, GA
“Just discovered this amazing product…flossing isn’t fun until you’ve GUM CHUCKED IT! I am SOOOOO excited to share this. “
Sarah, CA