GumChucks are the first and only flossing system of its kind. Resembling miniature nunchucks, they feature disposable tips that are equipped with a 3/4 inch piece of dental floss.

ORTHOgami braces flossing

This changes everything…

ORTHOgami’s revolutionary two-handle system makes flossing orthodontic dental work Faster Better and Easier!

The flexible hook on one end of the flossing tips allows you to safely and very quickly position the floss under the arch wire and between brackets for effective flossing. No more threading, struggling or time-consuming contortions!

The innovative tip design provides the fastest most effective Ortho flossing experience available. It allows users to make the “C” shape by wrapping the floss around the tooth and gum line – the most recommended way to floss.

floss with braces

The handles provide improved control while keeping the floss taut, making it easier and faster to floss without ever putting the hand in the mouth. No more cut off circulation from floss wrapped fingers.

Floss and Toss – GumChucks unique flossing system is simple, clean and hygienic.

Easy push buttons located at the end of each handle release the used tips.

The problem with existing Ortho flossers … you can’t make the “C” shape, they only position the floss in a straight line, reducing the surface area you can effectively floss. And you can’t control the tension on the floss – pushing the flosser through a tight area between your teeth often results in the flosser bursting through the tight spot and cutting the gum line – with the GumChucks two-handle system – you control the floss tension for safer flossing.

Fast, Fun and Effective Flossing.

About flossing with  bracesAbout GumChucks

The GumChucks Vision: To change how people feel about oral health; to help them appreciate what was once thought of as a chore, can now be fun, fast, and more effective than ever before.

The GumChucks Goal: To provide consumers with an innovative, game-changing solution to their oral health needs GumChucks are designed to meet an emerging medical and consumer shift in oral health awareness – one that recognizes that oral health is directly connected to overall health.

GumChucks help teach children good habits at an early age, greatly increasing the likelihood that they will take them into adulthood.



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