• Canadian Dental Professional order scan be placed through Henry Schein Canada at
  • Canadian orders for consumer use – can be placed through


United Kingdom

Additional Information

Please contact us regarding sales to other countries, international distribution or other questions.

  • Who is your preferred distributor? (ie. Henry Schein, Benco, Burkhart, Patterson, Pearson, etc) If you do not have a preferred distributor please write "none."
  • Skip this question if you replied "YES" to the previous question.
  • Toothbrush, dental floss, toothpaste, etc. Please list specific brand names if possible.
  • We have two types of sample - one featuring our standard tip (which is found in our Adult ProFloss and GumChucks KIDS products and one featuring our ORTHOgami tip (flossing for braces - found in all of our ORTHOgami products). UPDATE: WE CURRENTLY ARE OUT OF STOCK OF OUR ORTHO SAMPLES. If you are interested in requesting brochures, please order them directly through our store shop.
  • We now offer CE credits for attending our webinar. A live online Webinar is a great way to train your team on how to introduce and sell GumChucks. The Webinar Educator can work with you to develop a strategy that is customized to your particular needs. Webinars are Free.